• Natraj Drum Industries was established in the year 1991 with an aim to manufacture quality packaging products.

    It is a sister concern of Calcutta Containers Co., Calcutta which was established in the year 1984. In all the group has 31 years of experience in packaging & sheet metal industry. The company is an ISO 9001 company and maintains all quality standards.

    The company manufacture M.S. Drums, Epoxy Coated drums, G.P. Drums, M.S. Barrels, GI Barrels, Open Top Barrels.

    Our Expertise is 100% Leakage proof Barrels. Our Barrels has best quality GI Coating/Pasting inside.

  • Quality Policy

    The Company is an ISO 9001 company and is very keen to deliver quality products.

    Each and every product passes through a series of tests before being despatched.


    Date of Incorporation:  05/05/1991

    Promoters  Mr.  O.P. Agarwal

    Registered Office  G-271/272, Indl. Area, Bhiwadi,   Rajasthan - 301 019, India



    To provide our clients with superior quality drums we have talented engineers and technicians with extensive experience and expertise supervising the various production processes. Our excellent designers are able to design products based upon the requirements and specifications provided by our clients and our engineers translate the designs into final products.

    We provide adequate training to our staff to upgrade their knowledge and product information so that they assimilate the latest technologies and utilize them to enhance overall productivity. Our constant motivation keeps the morale of the workforce high and they give their best to every task expected from them.

    The company aims to be a leader in Barrel & 20Ltr. Segment.
    The company has best quality infrastructure.
    It guaranteed 100%  leakproofness.

    We have a vision of manufacturing 50,000 barrels a month with best quality & timely deliveries.

    The Machinery been installed is one of the best in the country.
    » Paint Adhesion Test
    » Leakage Tests (Pneumatic Test)
    » Soap Solution Test for Leakage Testing
    » Coating Gauge
    » Chemical Tests
    » Acetone Rub Tests etc.
    » Micrometer used for Sheet Thickness Measurement
    » Vernier, Puppy Dial, Height Gauge upto 300mm etc.
    » Drop Test

    Bhiwadi Manufacturers Association

    Indian Institute of Packaging